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Values-Driven Fashion


Modern designs with superior, sustainable quality are our top priorities.

Fashion designer Henriette Ernst carefully studied and designed each of our styles following the highest ethical, labor and ecological standards—steering away from unfair, slave and child labor.

Playful Communication


Our unique designs incorporate empowering messages into fashion pieces that effortlessly start the conversation about the issues that women and girls face around the world.

Join our social movement using the hashtag #IWEARCAUSEICARE

Supply Chain


While holding high-quality fashion standards, we have established an efficient supply chain method that allows you to get great styles at the best possible value.

By selling online, we remove layers of unnecessary costs by cutting out the middleman and bypassing the traditional wholesale process. Giving you premium quality fashion at fair prices.

Embracing the Environment


We hold a high-level of responsibility towards the well-being of our planet.

ROUND+ SQUARE emphasizes the use of sustainable materials and processes by using 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) and labels made out of recycled PET bottles.

Our suppliers use innovative methods to make a difference, such as Canepa’s Kitotex printing process that cuts down water use and toxins.

30% of Profits go to Equality Now


Passionate about the work being done to advocate for women and girls around the world, ROUND + SQUARE donates 10% of sales profits to Equality Now.

We are inspired by the organization’s work using the law to create a more just world where women and girls enjoy the same rights as men and boys.


Why Equality Now?

What is GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard?

CANEPA's SAVEtheWATER® - Kitotex process