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Photo by Richard Phibbs
ROUND + SQUARE is a conscious fashion brand bringing together style, substance and sustainability in support of gender equality.
I founded ROUND + SQUARE as a purposeful brand that is guided by the highest ethical, ecological and labor standards, to produce unique and sophisticated items to empower women and girls. ROUND + SQUARE's inaugural giving partner is the human rights organization, Equality Now – selected for its brave and tireless work to protect the rights of women and girls around the world – which will receive 30% of the brand’s sales profits from this collection. The well-curated offering includes organic cotton t-shirts, silk twill bandanas and scarves, cashmere/silk and parachute silk shawls, and hand-embroidered statement pins. Applying my designer fashion background and aesthetic, I strived to create artful pieces through a mix of techniques and materials such as watercolor, crayon, ink, hand-lettering, and embroidery in sophisticated and vibrant color studies. Designed exclusively in support of Equality Now, each piece has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate vital messages of peace, prosperity and gender equality, inspired by the organization.

Henriette Ernst
Founder & Chief Creative Officer, ROUND + SQUARE