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The true beauty behind our cashmere shawls.

Posted on September 07 2018

The true beauty behind our cashmere shawls.



Learn more about the “SAVEtheWATER® - Kitotex® project,” and see why we chose to produce our iconic cashmere shawls with Canepa!  

It is no secret that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. The rise of fast fashion has made the impact of the sector even more detrimental, from hazardous chemicals to water waste and pollution. Not only is this affecting the environment but the people who work in the industry and those who live in the area where clothing is manufactured.

Understanding this issue and wanting to make a difference, Henriette Ernst started ROUND + SQUARE with the careful consideration of choosing partners that shared the same values as her. She chose manufacturing companies that prioritized environmental protection, innovation, and ethical labor. When trying to find an environmentally responsible place to produce the cashmere shawls, Henriette knew Canepa was the perfect partner with the ideal solution that would benefit the environment and ROUND + SQUARE's customers.

“DESIGNED WITH PASSION, DRIVEN BY VALUES is the core of ROUND + SQUARE, and as a designer, I feel responsible for stepping up and make the right choices," Henriette said. "Fashion isn’t just about making a statement or beautiful designs—the real beauty is to respect our planet, and choose wisely every aspect of how we produce and buy our clothes and accessories.”


"Sustainability first movers." | Photo courtesy of


Located in Italy, Canepa is a manufacturing and textile production company which partnered with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.  Known around the world for their fine silks, cashmere and more; Canepa is also one of the leading companies in textile sustainability. Canepa was the first textile business worldwide to endorse the Greenpeace Detox campaign.


Our cashmere shawls are made of 70% fine cashmere and 30% silk, are produced through a specialty process: Canepa’s “SAVEtheWATER® - Kitotex® project.” This process reduces the use of hot water by 90% and the consumption of energy by 40%. Additionally, the method allows for the creation of fine materials with non-toxic, biocompatible, and biodegradable materials- all which make it less hazardous for the earth.


“For 15 years Canepa Group has been investing in eco-sustainability and since 2012 has deposited its ‘Kitotex® SAVEtheWATER®’ patent,” said President of Canepa Group, Elisabetta Canepa. “The revolutionary weaving method avoids microplastics, using Chitosan instead, a substance of natural origin – atoxic, biocompatible and biodegradable – obtained from the chitin shells of crustaceans, recovered by food rejects. Chitosan allows a reduction of water consumption – including warm water – up to 90% and a reduction of energy of 40%, cutting CO2 emissions considerably.” She added.


Regarding the role which ROUND + SQUARE and other fashion brands play in creating a more sustainable world, Elisabetta believes the patent to have an “extraordinary revolution reach in the textile and fashion world.”


“We are thrilled to meet companies like ROUND + SQUARE who have this same sensibility about protecting the planet. It is necessary to sensitize all brands, from large international groups to independent realities, only together we can make the ecological revolution of fashion, for us at Canepa this has long been a mission.''


Take the time to do more research and see where your clothes are coming from and how they are produced. Changing your spending habits and demanding ethically made clothing can have a lot of power over the future of the fashion industry—true sustainability must start at the beginning of the supply chain. 


Watch below the explanatory video about "SAVEtheWATER® - Kitotex® project."