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Our Voice, New Generation - Reed

Posted on December 02 2016

Our Voice, New Generation - Reed


Reed wears our iconic Girl Power tee. 

Hobbies: Likes to knit, paint, and play with Mr. Snuggles, her pet hedgehog.

What word best describes your style? My style is… whatever my mom has in her closet.

What does equality mean to you? It means treating people equal no matter their race, their gender or their belief.

What is something regarding equality issues that you see happening but you’d like to change? I think there’s a lot of racism and sexism in our world and I don’t think that’s okay.

Do you care about where your clothes come from? I think it’s important to know where your clothes are coming from and know if the company is doing bad things for the environment.

Why do you like ROUND + SQUARE? I think it’s really cool idea—it’s good to give people the option between sustainable clothing and bad clothing. I like that there’s a clothing line that’s for women and for the environment.