Our Voice, New Generation - Nondini | ROUND + SQUARE

Nondini wears our Paisley Butterfly Embroidery tee.

Interests: Math and music. Plays the piano and guitar. Considers songwriting “therapeutic.”

What word would you use to describe your style? Edgy.

What does equality mean to you? It should just be a given. I think that’s inhumane not to have equality. I don’t understand how there can be one gender that’s greater than another.

What made you interested in ROUND + SQUARE? This is insightful. I feel like people do understand the problems that are going on, and if they can see that other people are doing something about it they can make a huge movement to make a difference. I think many people recognize these problems but they won’t do anything about it because it either doesn’t affect them or they don't really notice it in their daily lives.